Selasa, 28 September 2010

Cycling in Salatiga

A new trend have raised in Salatiga. Now, many people in Salatiga love to go around the town by cycling. According of my observation, there are some reasons why people in Salatiga like to bike around the town.

First, many people interested in cycling because someone invite them to go together. I think it is fun to bike around the town with friends. The atmosphere will be different than bike around the town by themselves. It is also easier to rent a bike because we can find many bicycle rentals around UKSW.

Second, some people really need to do exercise. So, they choose bike as the way to do exercise. They said it was easy and cheap to exercise by cycling. It oly cost Rp. 5000,00 to rent a bike for two hours. Although jogging is cheaper than cycling, It is sure that cycling is more fun because you can go around faster and enjoy the view of the city during your exercise.

Third, this the reason that many peoples usually answer to me but I doubt it. The reason is many people really do cycling because they want to stop global warming and save the earth. I think it was a bullshit because after they cycled they changed their transportation by car or motorcycle. It make me not to believe them except for some people that I really know they bike to work and another daily activities.

From my observation, I think cycling is a good trend. If it will become the new habit for Salatiga's people, I think we can really help the earth by reducing the carbon monoxide.

Selasa, 31 Agustus 2010

An Unforgettable moment in joining LTC

Life is a choice! This is my favorite quotation words. I joined LTC as LTC friends in my last semester breaks.  In this job I supposed to help PIBBI or COTIM participants whether they needed something in class and outside the class. LTC friends also had to help the lecturer to prepare the class. That was not an easy work but I’m glad I could finish everything well until the end of the program. The best parts were I got a lot of experience during the program such as learned some cultures from the participants, had a chance to go to other place with the participants, and got some friends from different country. 
Culture was the most interesting part to be studied. There were two personalities that I want to imitate from the PIBBI and COTIM participants. First, I saw that American and Australian student were more diligent than Indonesian student because they always prepared their materials well before class, not only skimmed their materials but also had done the exercise. They also looked so enthusiastic when they found something interested in Indonesian cultures, even they have more respect in Indonesian culture better than the Indonesian people. 

Travelling, travelling, and travelling!! I love travelling and through this job I can enjoy the panorama of Mt. Bromo. My dream was to go there by motorcycle but it was also nice I could go there free!! The second excursions (for the participant) was going to Candi Gedong songo. I was happy I could go there again because it was 11 years ago since the last time I went there! Beside excursions which had been scheduled by LTC, I and another LTC friends also had “private” tour with the participants. I went to Yogyakarta and Bukit Cinta with them and the atmosphere was totally different!! Sometimes they could respect the place better than the native people and they looked like really enjoyed the situation.

Friend is the best part of our life. They will be on our side no matter in what condition we are. That also happened to me, I got a lot of friends from different backgrounds and have different characteristic through this program. By the end of this program, I hope we can communicate to each other. Nice to meet you guys! 

Selasa, 29 Juni 2010

Tour de Yogyakarta

The day that we had been waiting was come!!! In June 1st-2nd, we were going to Yogyakarta for our adventure. Actually, Gegabah (the name of our group) had planned this adventure for a month. Our slogans were pleasure, cheap and fun. And the destination that we visited were Ambarukmo Plasa, Malioboro market and Drini beach.

We started our journey at 12 o’clock. The compositions were Wimbo and Fhany as the driver, Bintang as the navigator, Febrika as the treasurer, Wian as the medic, Vitus and Ricky as the securities. In klaten, our car could go until 120 km/jam. It was unbelievable because we have 7 passengers and there were a lot of stuffs in our car! We arrived at yogyakarta by 1.45 p.m.

Ambarukmo plaza is the biggest mall in the Yogyakarta. There are a lot of shops and restaurants in Ambarukmo plaza. Some well-known shops such as crocks, nike, adidas also open a counter in there. Actually, we only wanted to see Prince Persia 2 in the 21 cinema. After 2 hours long, we continue our trips to the malioboro market.

Walked around malioboro street in the afternoon was not a good choice. The temperature was hot and there were a lot of people around here! So, we decided to buy some Nasi Kucing for our meal first. It was easy to find because there were a lot of Nasi Kucing sellers around Malioboro. After that, with a full stomach and the right time, shopping in the malioboro will be fun.

In the night, we went to Drini beach for having a rest. I think it was a crazy journey because during the journey there was so dark and silent. It looked like we were the only creatures that go to the beach at the night. It took about 1.5 hours driving from Prambanan temple until Drini beach. Although the journey was so terrible, our decision to take a rest in Drini beach was great. In the night, we saw a beautiful view of stars above us. The sand also soft and comfortable enough to us for taking a rest.

In the morning, we climbed up in the tiny island near the beach. We found a fantastic view of Indies Ocean at the top. It was amazing and we took some pictures of it. Then, we spend our time to swim and play on the beach. After that, we went back to Salatiga at 10 o’clock. We felt very tired when we came in salatiga but it’s worth with the pleasure and experience that we got. Thank you guys,, I can’t wait our next Project.